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Fully one-third of accounts closed "UNCOLLECTIBLE" by third-party agents are still collectible but require extraordinary measures that would cut deeply into their profits.

ARMSCO picks the high-hanging fruit that others deem too costly, complex or contentious to pursue.  We expertly make, try and win seemingly hopeless collection cases out of court.

When Essential Accounts Receivable Are At Risk

Extensive experience, innovative strategies, persuasive skill and a long-successful track record give us the confidence, when ll else fails,  to throw our good money after your bad to profit us both.


Instead of high-tech call center systems designed to avoid risk and maximize agency profits, ARMSCO engages deep-process investigators and litigation-averse attorney and executive mediators.

Armed with superior authority, compelling arguments and win-win solutions, we reopen, investigate, mediate, prevent and recover major past and pending bad debt losses.

Potential bad debts include unresolved performance  issues, misunderstood contract terms and misdirected invoices.  Many are wrongly assumed “out of business” or “skipped”, and all have been pushed to the rear of production queues as uncollectible for many months.  Often a year or more. 


Risk-averse training, systems and budgets keep creditors and their third-party agents focused on likely collectible accounts while filtering out harder and more expensive collection challenges.  Exactly the type of accounts we specialize in.


If your written, signed, unsigned, oral or implied contracts at all support your collection claims, we will most likely prevail, and you will most likely be paid.