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11th-Hour Collection Litigation Avoidance


Last-Ditch Recovery of

Essential Accounts Receivable

Informally Makes, Tries and Wins Seemingly

Hopeless Collection Cases Out of Court

Includes Wrongful Disputes & Terminations

  • When you cannot collect

  • When your agency cannot collect

  • When your attorney recommends litigation

  • When your debtor is an operating corporation

  • When your contract at all supports your claim

  • When write-off is not an option


  • Maximally persuasive nonbinding mediation

  • Targets C-level management

  • Breaks through seemingly impenetrable barriers

  • Reopens deadlocked communications

  • Contractually maximizes balances

  • Presents compelling litigation avoidance arguments

  • Negotiates fair and equitable settlements

  • Contingent fees (per account)

    • 30% when balance placed is $25k​ and under

    • 24% when balance placed is greater than $25k

    • 15% when balance placed is greater than $100k

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