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Special Handling

When Essential Accounts Receivable Are At-Risk

"ARMSCO's knowledge, experience and strategies yield best results. It is like no other collection service I have ever dealt with."​                                   Reference available ​on request

When Major Accounts Are At Risk of Loss
When Accounts Are Too Costly, Complex or Contentious to Pursue
When Write-Off Is Not An Option


Serving SME, Inc. 5000 & Fortune 500 Creditors Since 1985 
Deep-Process Professional Investigators
Litigation-Averse Attorney & Executive Mediators
Cases Made, Tried and Won Out of Court
Contingent Fees

     When essential B2B accounts receivable are at risk and write-off is not an option, ARMSCO professionally makes, tries and wins some of the most challenging, high-value collection cases out of court.

     Creditors who throw their good money after bad usually repeat prior failed approaches and incur unproductive costs.  Those who choose not to throw any  more good money after bad save nothing as they sacrifice far more as bad debt write offs.  ARMSCO has the extensive experience, innovative strategies, persuasive skill, consistently successful track record and therefore the confidence to invest more of our money to collect more of yours.

  Instead of conventional call center systems programmed to minimize agency costs and maximize agency profits, ARMSCO employs deep-process investigators, innovative collection strategists and litigation-averse attorney and executive mediators who, armed with superior authority, compelling arguments and win-win solutions, do the hard work previously neglected. We reopen, re-investigate, re-mediate and recover major bad debt losses.

         Most bad debts result, not from a debtor's inability to pay, but from unresolved customer service issues, misdirected and disputed invoices, presumed but unverified “out of business” and “skipped” accounts that for many months collection personnel have pushed to the back of production queues, as uncollectible.  In ARMSCO’s practical experience, more than one-third of such accounts – often far more than one-third – prove to be collectible.

          We are not always able to pull a rabbit from our hat, but ARMSCO’s “Essential A/R” specialization has recovered 64% of such account balances placed with us for collection, demonstrating the enormous value of this otherwise neglected segment of B2B accounts receivable. 

          When major accounts are at risk, think ARMSCO!  If your written, signed, oral or implied contracts at all support your collection claims, we will most likely prevail, and you will most likely be paid.

        Throw our good money after your bad and make a lot of your bad money good again!